Best Lowrance Fish Finder For Hobie Kayak

Do you frustrate like hell to head out empty-handed after fishing on the riverbank for hours? Nobody is perfect in fishing; even the most experienced angler sometimes fails to locate the actual position of fish in water.

In that case, having the advanced fish finder can be your upper hand. Yes, these electronic devices use infrared waves to spot the fish even at a river’s depth.

This device also helps to learn about the beneath-water surface layout. So, if you have one fish finder, you never paddle back to the boat with an empty hand.

Hence, if you are eager to buy the best Lowrance fishfinder for Hobie kayak, below, I have recommended some of the best models that can be your helping hand.

Best Lowrance Fish Finder For Hobie Kayak

Best Lowrance fish finder for Hobie kayak

In this post, I’ve recommended some of the best fish finders for Hobie Pro kayak. After going through all the reviews and testing a few models, I find these fish finders best for all anglers. So, let us know about them through this post.

1. Lowrance HOOK2 12 Fish Finder

No matter what kind of water body you want to fish, Lowrance HOOK2 came to be a boon for you.

With an automatic sonar setting option, you can set yourself free and spend more time fishing.

Plus, the preloaded US mapping system helps you search the path easily, even if you are new to the place.

The GPS navigation system further eases down the fishing and helps you to head in the right direction.

Additionally, it offers a wide-angle CHIRP sonar that covers double areas than any regular style fish finder.


  • Easy set up with a single transducer.
  • Better sonar view.
  • Easy to upgrade.
  • SD card slot for easy mapping upgrades.
  • Auto-tuning sonar.


  • Installation instruction is not provided.

2. Lowrance Hook Reveal 7 Fish Finder

If you have got this portable and best Lowrance fishfinder in your hand, you won’t go fishing without this.

It combines the power of high-resolution images and Lowrance CHIRP sonar from the DownScan imaging to ease fish catching.

Besides that, it comes with a C-MAP contour+ with 1-foot contours. It helps to easily navigate more than 8,900 US lakes and water bodies, coastal charts, CAN inland and many more.

In addition, you get features like autotuning SONAR so that you can spend less time in sonar adjustment and spend precious time fishing.


  • SPLIT SHOT Transducer to catch images.
  • Seven inches bigger display.
  • Excellent clarity during navigation.
  • DownScan imaging.
  • Easy to use.


  • You cannot upload live Genesis mapping data.

3. Lowrance Elite FS 9 Fish Finder

Lowrance Elite FS 9 fishfinder features active imaging that helps to see the structure of the fish and refined details.

Besides that, it also has supported features like DownScan, SideScam, and CHIRP that help to relocate the fish quickly with accurate imaging.

Moreover, it has an ELITE fishing system with Ethernet connectivity so you can share sonar, halo Dome Radar and other data easily from the display. Plus, you get a 9 inches bigger multi-touch display with high resolution and ease of install.

Other features include C-MAP contour+ for easy navigating, an active target ready system, and 3-in-1 sonar imaging for real-time location. All these features make this the best Lowrance fish finder for Hobie kayak.


  • High-resolution 1-foot contours.
  • Easy mapping system.
  • Support active imaging.
  • Highly durable and easy to install.
  • Integrated wireless.


  • Expensive than other models.
  • Doesn’t give accurate images at high speed.

4. Lowrance Hook Reveal 5 Fish Finder

With this best Lowrance fish finder tool, you can easily find fishes and locate the fish hotspot with no hassles.

This Fishfinder tool combines the power of CHIRP SONAR with high-resolution imaging through DownScan.

This feature will help light up the display with fishes so that you can easily locate and catch them.

In addition, it provides you with the GPS plotter, which allows you to navigate the trail, shores and is helpful in making routes for fishing.

Plus, the SPLITSHOT transducer provides you the best and wide-angle view that helps to navigate fishes even below the boat.


  • Auto-tuning SONAR for better sonar settings.
  • Wide-angle CHIRP sonar.
  • Map support.
  • GPS plotter.
  • Excellent clarity on display.


  • The display size is small.

5. Lowrance Elite-7 Ti2 Fishfinder

Lowrance Elite 7 Ti 2 is the best fish finder for anglers. Features a 7 inches touchscreen display that helps to monitor fishes easily.

In addition, it comes with one-touch access that helps to control the unit smoothly.

Like other Lowrance fishfinder, here, you get a preloaded C-MAP of the US lakes and water bodies to navigate the place easily.

Furthermore, it includes the active imaging 3-in-1 transducer SONAR CHIRP with active imaging. Plus, the side-scanning feature helps scan the fishes in shallow water. 

In contrast, this unit supports built-in CHIRP and integrated Bluetooth with a supported micro-SD card for future upgrading.


  • Better surface clarity.
  • Easy mapping options.
  • C-MAP for uploading Genesis Live data.
  • ED touchscreen display.
  • Quick accessing system.


  • Expensive fish finder than others.
  • GPS routing can be better.

Best Lowrance Fish Finder GPS- Buyer’s Guide

Here are a few features that you need to consider before buying the best Lowrance fish finder for a Hobie kayak.

GPS System

GPS is crucial when you are going to an unknown place, especially water bodies. It helps to trace the route and give you a proper spot for fishing.

Moreover, it is also essential for Hobie Kayak fishing and when you are going shoreline fishing. Apart from this, a GPS can also help navigate nearby roadmaps and everything clearly that makes your fishing relatively easier.

Screen Size

The foremost thing and important feature to consider when you buy the Lowrance fish finder for Hobie Kayak is screen size.

Fishfinders are available in different screen sizes, so always try to buy those with at least 7-9 inches display. It helps to visualize a clear picture of the fishes and locate them easily.

The screen size is also helpful in monitoring everything such as surface layout and maps easily. However, you can also prefer to have a smaller screen size that fits your needs.


Transducers are also an important part of the best fish finders. These transducers serve as the receivers and senders for the SONAR waves. The transducers detect the waves that strike the object beneath the water.

Therefore, the signals are processed to detect the position of the transducers. The output of the signals is represented in the graphical form on the display screen.


If you can spend a little more, then you can consider the high-watt Lowrance fish finders. Maximum power will help in having a quick reading.

However, on the same side, the low-power fishfinders help send the waves slower and are not perfect for deep-water fishing.

Water Resistance

A good Fish Finder must be water-proof; if a fish finder isn’t water-resistant, then even the splash can ruin the fish finder’s display.

Thus, you need to ensure that the fish finder is water-resistant and of extremely good level. This not only helps to keep the display protected but also prevents spill damage.

What is the best Lowrance fish finder for a kayak?

Lowrance Elite FS 9, Lowrance Hook Reveal 7, and Lowrance Hook2 12 are some of the best fish finders to buy.

Is a Lowrance fish finder worth putting on a kayak?

Putting a fish finder on the kayak can help spot fishes in the water. But, more than that, it also helps to get the surface structure idea beneath the water for accurate fish spotting.

Is side scanning worth it on a kayak?

Side scanning is helpful when the kayak is moving with great speed. Moreover, the side-scanning can provide you with a better angle to locate the fishes even under the boat.

Where can I mount the fish finder on a kayak?

There are four best locations where you can mount your fishfinder. You can attach either through the hull, on the transom, in-hull region, and even mount it on the side.

Which is the best overall Lowrance fish finder to buy?

Lowrance Hook2 12 and Lowrance Elite 7 Ti2 are the best in overall Lawrence fish finder to buy.

Final Words

Whether you want to catch the fish in a lake or saltwater area, you may come back empty-handed if you cannot find the exact hotspot of fish. But now you have these five best Lowrance fish finders for Hobie Angler here. 

The fish finder can be a helping hand for you in identifying the fish structure and area. They have turned out to be a great partner in fishing. So, click to buy, get the one and scan the water bodies and enjoy fishing.

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